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Will Be Moving Again

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I mentioned yesterday that August will be challenging. Because of a few decisions I have made, I am about to face a lot of challenges and one of these is moving to another house.

Yes, after one year and a few months in this place we have rented, we are moving again. Well, we don’t have any idea where we are moving but there is a house that we are praying for God’s favor. It’s a bit expensive and we don’t have the money yet for the transfer. But definitely, we will be moving out again soon enough. Maybe not this month of August but surely before the year ends.

There is a lot of movement that I will be embarking on this year. Most of these are major decisions and all are very challenging. In all aspect, I am sure as we transition will be very exhausting.

Anyway, my eldest daughter and I spent the afternoon looking for a house. We have seen three but only one stands out the most – easy access, gated, and near to a lot of establishments. The only thing is that the house monthly payment is a bit expensive and the initial requirement for us to transfer is also big. So this is the reason why we are praying for God’s favor. And also, the reason why we can’t transfer just yet.

As usual, I am here again, making sure to put up a new blog post before 12MN. I know this is not what I have planned in mind but for now, I want to win over my blogging challenge that is why I am trying to accomplish this on a daily. Please cheer on me!

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