Will be Running Tomorrow

Early this year, I decided to have running as one of my goals for 2012. So tomorrow, June 17 will be the day to remember. It will be the day wherein I am going to participate for the first time, a running event – Lim Ket Kai Freedom Run. Choosing this running event was so timely. Though the word “freedom” here is driven from our Independence Day, for me, it is my freedom run from all the things that brings me down – these are my fears, my limitations, my negative influences and others. This will signify my fight for a healthier me, a positive me and a free me to be exact.

At first, I decided to sign-up for 3K because this is my first time but when I got there, the category is already closed and if I persisted, I need to come back again to get my number. So I have no choice but to sign-up for 5K. And to be honest, it took a lot of convincing from a friend for me to sign-up for 5K. Seeing the route on the map makes me want to give up already.

A few days ago, I started walking and running. Yes, I think my body can take 5K if I just walk but if I run, I think it will not make it. My body is aching even if I walk and my internal organs (especially my gallbladder) are giving me pinching pain already. I can run a 400 meter round but couldn’t run continuously for 5k.

Then last night, I had my period!! I still have it now and probably will have it tomorrow. Isn’t that a bummer? My first run and I have my period!! Hahahaha…

Anyway, I am still continuing my freedom run tomorrow but probably my game plan would be to walk – run – walk it all the way. If I can’t run it continuously might as well finish it by all means. Besides this is my first time and there will be more to come because I have decided to make running as my regular form of exercise. I need to stay fit and healthy not only for myself but for my family.

OK, will end this post now. I am off to a good night sleep. I need to wake up early because our assembly time is 5AM and our run starts at 5:30AM. So, wish me all the strength guys!!!

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