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Will I Survive??

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Yesterday, our house help said that she will be visiting her grandmother. She said she will be back later in the afternoon in time for church. So, we agreed for her to go out. Then, we were kind of worried because it was already six in the evening she is still not at home and she didn’t even went to church. Around 7pm, she arrived and told us that the sibling of her grandmother died so she went to the burial. She said the reason why she arrived late because the burial was held at Talisay City, the next city from Bacolod going to the north of the island of Negros. So, we didn’t make a fuss about it and just excused her. Besides, it was a lost of a family member.

But I was really shocked about what she said to me earlier this afternoon. She told us that she will stop working for us because her auntie gave birth to twins. Since she is a relative, I felt obligated to let her go even though I was suspicious of her that she is telling a lie. She have been doing this in the past and I can’t stand to think that she is making a fool of us again. So I agreed for her to left us and gave her balance as gift since she made a lot of cash and material advances.

Now, I am left alone in the house against all odds (first day of school…grrr). I have two school-aged children and an early working husband. Not to mention, I am pregnant and about to enter my last trimester. Will I survive the stress?? Will I survive cleaning a two-storey apartment, a dog, and doing laundry for the whole family and our area rugs?? I can’t imagine how chaotic my house would be in the next few days!

But all I can say for now is AJAH!! Hehehe…

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JesuLalaine June 5, 2009 - 12:03 am

really Rubz? but rest assured.. You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.. God bless!!


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