Win an iPad! Join the 1 Minute Fun Flick Fest!

When I created my Facebook account, I did it because of an online opportunity that required me to have one. Then after that, I abandoned my Facebook account. On the late months of 2008, I revisited my Facebook account because a friend invited me to join a game. When lost my interest with the said Facebook gaming application, I abandoned my account again. But when June of 2009 came, I got back with Facebook again with another of its games. Then later, I have seen the use of Facebook was more than games but also a great social media interface that can connect me with family and friends around the globe, not only that but also learn the latest of everything and also the chance to join online contests! Right there and then, I got hooked. Thus started my Facebook mania!

Speaking of online contests, I just found an interesting one! Enjoy Philippines has an interesting online contest for all their Facebook Fans called 1 Minute Fun Flick Fest.

The mechanics are really simple. All you have to do is a 15 to 60 sec. video of yourself performing an activity or hobby that you enjoy including an explanation of what and why you enjoy it. Upload your created video entry to the Enjoy Philippines Fan Page videos. The title should start with “I Enjoy..” Video entries will be accepted from 0000H May 15 to 2400H June 15, 2010. Voting for favorite videos will continue through 2400H of June 30, 2010.

After that, invite your friends to “Like” Enjoy Philippines fan page. Then ask them to click “Like” on your uploaded video. (1 like = 1 vote) Only votes from Enjoy Philippines fans will count in the final vote tally. Each week, Enjoy Philippines will award a featured video with Php 1,000 worth of gift certificates. Three Enjoy fans who posted comments or “liked” a video will also be randomly selected to receive Php 500 worth of gift certificates. The winners for the weekly feature will be announced every Monday while grand winners will be announced on July 2, 2010.

By the way, the grand prize winners will receive the following awesome prizes:
* 16GB iPad and 8GB iPod Touch for the 1st prize
* 3D2N stay at Fairways and Bluewater plus Php 3,000 worth of gift certificates for the 2nd prize and,
* An overnight stay at Hotel Celeste and Enjoy Philippines 2010-2011 free Membership

So, be one of the fans of Enjoy Philippines today and create that winning video with your favorite activity!! You’ll never know, you might just win an iPad!!

As for me, I really love blogging. Aside from it being my source of income, it makes me feel alive just by doing it. I also have a social life online because of blogging. It brought me friends from all over the world!!

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