Work Station, Plans and 2009


Since my baby boy became a gamer-blogger, he has been sleeping very late. If you want to get him to sleep, you need to close the lights and if I do that, I end up sleeping myself! If that happens, then I couldn’t get back to work.

Anyway, I left my lamp at Cagayan de Oro so I am thinking of buying some indoor lighting. Maybe a small wall lamp would do so that when I turn off the main light, the room will become dimmer. This will surely allow baby boy to sleep while mommy do some midnight work. 😀

I need to settle my workplace since I have many plans for 2009. Actually, I haven’t written it yet. It’s all in the head and I want to pen it down maybe tomorrow or early next year. Sometimes plans fail because of forgetfulness and failure to write it down.

As for this main blog of mine, I am planning to continue hosting it with I have 68 followers already and it would be sad to lose them when I transfer to my own host. I don’t know how to keep them if I transfer to a WordPress blogging platform. has its own charisma too but hosting your own has its benefits too.

Oh well, I need to straighten out my work place and my plans for 2009 before I settle with my blog hosting issue. :p

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