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Working Harder For Bespoke Rugs

I was surfing the net the other day for some online jobs and I happened to land on this one particular page that offers custom made rugs. What really caught my attention were the beautiful designs they showcased and I was a little bit surprised when I have learned that these rugs were bespoke. Isn’t it amazing when the customers, like me, can design our own rugs to be displayed at home? As the name suggests (bespoke rugs), the rugs can be ordered according to your specifications, you can indicate the color combinations you like for your rug and of course, the size and shape of the carpet you want to order.

As a person, I love to have things that are unique, those that are peculiar that few or none owns. I love to order customized or personalized products that will surely fit my taste, whether in fashion, my children’s stuffs or even buying some household things. Most of the time, I’m embarrassed if I see other people having the same blouse as mine, the same shoes, bags and the like. That’s why, as much as possible, I see to it that I buy stuffs that are limited in stocks.

This is the reason why when I saw the beautifully and uniquely designed luxury bespoke rugs showcased online, it immediately got me. How I wish I can have one of them soon as I really want to buy one. Now, I really have to work harder to get one for myself.

5 thoughts on “Working Harder For Bespoke Rugs

  1. Visiting today mars from TBE. We need rugs too, kaya lang namamahalan ako sa rugs hehehe. kahit rug nga sa bathroom hindi makabili we need more extra lol

  2. naku, we need new rugs kasi we might be moving to a new house by march. 🙂 this is a timely post. btw, mommy rubz, i tagged you for an award. it’s right here. 🙂

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