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Aside from the back pains I am currently having, I had a tummy ache last night. So, I slept and rested. But just this 4:30am in the morning, I woke-up. I couldn’t sleep anymore and my tummy ache was already gone too. The back pains? Well, it is still here. I just grabbed the opportunity to check on little things.
Anyway, one week from now, I will be going home. If not next week, maybe this coming Friday and we might take the bout from Dumaguete City.As I was pondering in our dark room, I thought to myself that I should be doing some plans when I get home. I was thinking that I should try my best to live a healthy life back home and try my cousin’s weight benches. Do some little work-out and maybe take more fruits in. Something that would help combat my back pains and all. I think I needed a way to become strong aside from the emotional thingy but also physical. Be in tip-top shape for my kids!!

Well, I might be blogging about it, I am sure. But as of now, all I wanted is be home with my parents together with my children. Of course, get my children enrolled to their new school and for me – get myself focused on how I can earn more online to help my parents and supply my children’s needs.

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