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You Can’t Please Everybody


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As much as you wanted, you want all people to like you. But the saying holds true, you can’t please everybody. Even how good you are to other people, they will always find a way to say things against you.

For me, being a manager for almost 3 years for a direct selling company, I always find this statement true. Having to deal with thousands of dealers and 20 plus staff, well, you can’t please them all. It’s either you are the good one or the bad one. For my dealers before, well, we have no choice but it’s their call to say all things they want because customer is always right. For my staff, out of the 20 plus, 3 of them are really hard players. The rest are OK and some of them are more than OK.

Why I am blogging about this? Well, I just remembered the people that I helped and defended but still I was the wrong one. I texted them yesterday and said that it was too bad they didn’t gave me a chance to get to know me better. They were influenced with the opinion of other people.

Whatever! I am out of work now. I have said my piece. It so hard to please immature people when all they want is for their wants to come their way always.


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My World February 18, 2008 - 6:58 pm

thanks for dropping by ruby. sure, we can exchange links and please let me know when I’m added so I can link you back. Please take note that x-links is only for “my library” blog, as the “lair” blog is already loaded, and I prefer my blogroll to be at a certain number that I can handle. I want to link-up with fellow bloggers not just for the purpose of getting a link back but also to be able to regularly visit and build a good blogging relationship.

thanks again,

Jen February 19, 2008 - 1:54 am

You’re right, it’s a reality. This world is filled with one bunch of imperfect people (which includes us), there will always be conflicts. It can get to our nerve at times, especially when the most trivial of things are magnified and we get dumbfound with how it makes us appear bad in the long run. Sigh!

It really helps sis to live for the audience of One. Nevermind what people say, nakakainis na kasi minsan tlaga. But the Lord knows our hearts and He will balance the scales in His time. 🙂

Nico February 20, 2008 - 3:24 am

3 hard players? uhmm sounds interesting. hahaha


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