This is a onetime post that I will try to level myself to you! I didn’t do anything to you. You have money and you have the knowledge. You already existed before I came to know about blogging and making money online. Why do you like seeing other people in plain misery? Are you not contented with your money and your fame? :(I am just a mommy starting out to make money online, not for myself but for my children. I try to blog not to become famous or what but to put food in the table!

If you like seeing people go down and hungry, then so be it! This is your moment, laugh your guts out because you have succeed. Be amused! But take heed, someday you will eat the bitterness and pain that you have caused me. Someday your money will fade like ashes. Someday God will bring justice and that day will be near. That day you would want to run but you cannot hide. That day you will PAY! And that day, you will remember my children! The hunger and the pain you caused them!

NOTICE TO READERS: No questions will be entertained concerning this post. I just want to vent this pain I have inside my heart. I usually rant only about my husband but this time, I just want my heart to cry out loud at least just for once!

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Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.


  • Cielo

    whatever this issue is..I hope that whatever bitterness, sorrow, it has caused you and your kids…. it will be over soon…

    For us, you have already made a niche in the blogging scene by spearheading the PMC. I hope that this will put smile in your face….

  • Mommy Ruby

    thanks mommies for dropping by.

    i am really happy for the comfort you have shown. the issue is over. they have won a battle that i never fought against them by tearing me apart and disabling me.

    anyway, i will continue to blog pa rin. pero siguro hanap na lang ako work sa labas. ^_^

  • elyka

    di naman cguro,just hope it will be over kasi hirap nang ganun,Lay it to the Lord na lang,hehehe,anywayz just new here sana masali rin me,enjoy kasi ako…..see you guyz and thanks!

  • Mommy Ruby

    hello elyka, thanks for dropping by. oo nasa kay Lord na. one time post ko lan ito. ipakita ko lang na nagtagumpay sya. hehehe…

    anyway, masaya na rin ako dahil makakabasyon na rin. ^_^

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