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When I saw one of my only friends wearing a hippy dress, I went daydreaming… picturing myself if I looked good in such kind of a dress. Well, I am not into wearing dresses but because her dress looks good on her, it made me want to wear a dress too!

Honestly, I am not into hippy clothes but if the design and the price are right for me and my pocket, oh well, you can’t blame me for wanting one! And if I buy and wear hippy clothes soon, that would be the first because I am not really into retro dressing or into fashion trending. I am just a plain housewife sitting on a chair in front of a PC!! LOL!!!

Speaking about fashion, trying out different kinds of clothing is somehow very nice. It is like tasting different kinds of food. If you find something you like, it instantly becomes your favorite and become a part of who you are.

At times, some brands are a little bit too pricey but as I learned being a fashionista is not about being rich and famous but it is about finding the right dress with the right and wearing them at the right time. It is also about being comfortable of what you wear. If you are comfortable with four inches stilettos or a flat sandal, well, that is your fashion… that is your statement!

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