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Your Guide to Summer Entertaining

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The summer months bring sunshine, warmth and a wave of energy that seems to disappear in the cold dark days of winter. The better mood within everyone encourages them to do more, be more active and, most importantly, sociable. Summertime sees more people interacting and socialising as the warm evenings envelopes them. The summer months are the perfect time and ideal settings for social gatherings.

There are many, popular ways of entertaining guests in the warmer weather. Summer gatherings are typically held in the outdoors, but it doesn’t have to a dull get-together where guests simply stand in the garden unentertained and uninterested.


There are very few people that do not enjoy a BBQ. The food, if done properly, can be delicious and it is easy to cater to even the fussiest of eaters. This type of summer event is based mainly around the food that is served and it is essential to have a wide selection, not just the meat that will be cooked on the BBQ. The most important tips for BBQ’s are:

  • Have enough food for everyone who is invited and any unexpected guests (those in the neighbourhood that can smell dinner!)
  • Have cutlery, plates and enough chairs!
  • Ask people to contribute to the food and drink on offer (to reduce complaints/ negative comments – there is always one that will)
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY make sure the food is cooked properly or you will forever be charged with poisoning your entire party and will never live it down

Garden Party

A basic version of the house party, all elements are the same the only difference being it takes place outside. It is customary to offer nibbles and a small amount of alcohol (although it is polite for guests to bring a contribution) There are a few things to remember when hosting a garden party:

  • Guests still need some form of entertainment – consider standard party games which apply to any setting
  • The evening will be cooler so consider having outdoor heating or move the party inside
  • All day parties MUST be catered
  • Evening parties, it is nice to have nibbles and snacks but not a definite
  • Alcohol and soft drinks are essential for any good party
  • Expect the unexpected – you will always have uninvited or unexpected guests arrive

Pool Party

These aren’t really a normally party as not everyone is lucky enough to have their own swimming pool. The same party rules apply:

  • Consider whether you need to cater the party depending on time of day it is and length – exercise such as swimming can also result in increased appetites!
  • Not everyone will feel comfortable in the water so do not force them – you will be considered a bad / rude host!
  • Expect people to turn up unprepared – maybe have towels and jumpers etc. on hand for those who do indulge in swimming

Small Gatherings

There is no obligation to have an out of control party with hundreds of guests simply because it is summer and you feel you have to invite everyone you know. It is perfectly acceptable to have small gatherings based out in the outdoors. Family members, or just close friends works just as well as the big parties as mentioned above, and much less stress!

It is easy to transform your garden to fulfil the needs of your party. Whether it is a small intimate setting you wish to create or something wild and free, there are ways and means of doing it all. Starting with the ideal, multi purpose garden furniture and accessories that easily change to meet your needs. Betta Living are experts at transforming spaces.

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