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Your New Online Diary to Share Your Thoughts!

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A blog simply means the shortcut of the term web log, hence BLOG. It is great to write down your thoughts in a diary or a journal, but I guess in this modern day and age of computers and the internet, it is nice to put up your thoughts and publish them online, right?

I found this new blog hosting site called thoughts.com. It is a free blogging platform much like wordpress and blogger, but it is just that your blog site address is positioned differently.

When you open their site, it proceeds to okayblog.net, but after waiting a few seconds, you are redirected to thoughts.com. Well, that is quite uncomfortable and it would be good if they will eventually fix this and when you open their site, it immediately goes to
them. And yes, I just mentioned okayblog.net earlier today. 😀

Their sign up process is easy and it takes a few minutes of your time. So if you want to start blogging and don’t have the budget to get a self-hosted wordpress, thoughts.com is surely the place to start with!

Anyway, I am again making this announcement for those who are interested to start blogging and would not want to buy a domain and a hosting just yet. This could be your practice blog after all, they offer free hosting!

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