Well, I didn’t sleep early this time. I waited for tasks to be grabbed. Nothing came so far since I missed the giving of task around 12md. So, I waited and waited while I clicked and dropped. Nadah!! Zitch!! Wala!! I felt so sad. I got a big ZERO for the day which means that another day next month; I wouldn’t have anything to place on the table. But when 6:00am came, I was so blessed to grab a $5 task. Nothing much compared to my goal of $20 per day (to be able to pay for my debts and basic needs of my children) but it’s better than have nothing at all.
I am still optimistic that maybe on the next few days; I will be able to get more assignments to cover for my shortages. I am serious about blogging. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know and if you’re not better start reading to understand way…LOL!! Anyway, I hope more blessings will come my way. Not too much but enough.So, how about you? Did you get any last night??

1 thought on “ZERO to FIVE

  1. Wow. That’s something to thank for. And who thought a few years back that anyone could actually earn from blogging. There’s blessings to those who work for it. Cool.

    Me? hehe. Enough to make my day. hehe

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