The Best Family Pets for Apartment Living

house pets

Living in a big city has its advantages: you are never too far away from public transport and shops, plus there are more jobs available. However, if you love animals and can’t bear the thought of life without a pet, it isn’t easy figuring out which pet is going to be suitable to life in […]

The Brand We Trust

Bella with Ceelin Plus

I have three children who are asthmatics and this is why I always do my best to make sure that they won’t have any attacks or get sick easily. Being a solo parent with sick kids is not a good scenario to see. That is why I always believe in the saying, “Prevention is better […]

Home Security That Works

There are several different kinds of home security. You can have an alarm that is triggered if someone breaks in to your home, put security-company stickers on your windows or leave lights on inside and outside when you’re not home. The problem is, burglars are not always stupid and many know how to get around […]

Moments to Cherish: The Biggest Milestones in Your Child’s Life

child's firsts

Every moment spent in the presence of your child’s effervescent evolution will amass into a bouquet of vibrant and cherished memories. There are remarkable milestones of growth you will witness throughout your child’s life which will reward your efforts as their parent. Here are the most tremendous occasions and tender moments you can foster and […]

Why Should you Get a Property with a Garden?

house with a garden

Many home buyers in the Philippines will purchase property based on location, view, proximity to basic facilities and security. Still, there are many others who consider garden spaces a priority, and thus, will not invest in a property unless it has a garden with the features they want. Why is this? Other than the beautiful […]