Curtains and Nurseries: Just Don’t Do It


There are some things that you shouldn’t do in life, and combining curtains and nurseries certainly falls into this category. Once upon a time it was the “thing” to do, but now the alternatives are just so superior and mean that curtains in a nursery should be a distant memory. Of course, let’s refresh our […]

Christian Parenting – The Importance of Daily Prayer

As a parent you know that you are on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You are expected to be at your best at all hours of the day and night but unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. As a Christian parent you are expected to be a Christ-centred role model for your […]

Top 5 Websites to Buy Cosmetics Online in Singapore

Every passing day when you can wear and tear at your skin, you feel more benevolent about it. It becomes your prime goal to look after it and make is healthy and glowing. Walking with smartness is the sole agenda that every individual follows. There was a time when women use to apply cosmetic products only when they had to attend some function or party. These […]

A Jolly Mother’s Day


I wrote about Mother’s Day and the things that our moms do that are somehow embarrassing yet endearing the other day. And now, I found a cute video from Jollibee that I, or probably we, can totally relate to. The video uses our National Language here in the Philippines, but even if you don’t understand […]

Children and the Arts

The impacts of arts, and particularly music, on a child’s developing cognitive skills are varied and important, as multiple studies have shown. Early childhood development experts point to the benefits music has on a variety of areas of learning. Importance of Music Exposure Because music taps into multiple skill sets and senses – its benefits […]