Why Should you Get a Property with a Garden?

house with a garden

Many home buyers in the Philippines will purchase property based on location, view, proximity to basic facilities and security. Still, there are many others who consider garden spaces a priority, and thus, will not invest in a property unless it has a garden with the features they want. Why is this? Other than the beautiful […]

How a Phone Locator App Helped Locating my Friend’s Lost Phone?


Most of us are obsessed with our smartphones. Today it seems like we can’t even think of spending a single day without our devices. Not only adults, but the kids are also glued to their smartphones and tabs. The thought of losing our phone is scary for all of us, but unfortunately, the rate of smartphone […]

Have a Jolly Father’s Day!


I saw the new video from Jollibee and it really warmed my heart. Growing up and even until now, I know how much my dad sacrificed for me, my mom and the whole family. I know he felt a lot of emotions while I was experiencing life on my own and even facing the bitter […]

The Art of Color Coordination

Coordinating the color of one’s clothing is a fun thing that a person can do to brighten up his or her day. However, some rules exist to color coordination. The consumer will need to learn the art of coordination before trying to put together an outfit. The following are some tips for making a head […]

Curtains and Nurseries: Just Don’t Do It


There are some things that you shouldn’t do in life, and combining curtains and nurseries certainly falls into this category. Once upon a time it was the “thing” to do, but now the alternatives are just so superior and mean that curtains in a nursery should be a distant memory. Of course, let’s refresh our […]