Some Ways in Which You Can Help Make the World a Better Place

adopt a family

They say that charity starts at home, but where exactly does your home end? Is your street not your home, or your neighborhood or even your city? And in that respect, isn’t your country your home, and from there even the world? Most of us have a philanthropic nature, although we may express that in […]

UK Vacation: Highlights Beyond London

Cornwall Beach

Way back in 2011, we discussed traveling to the UK and highlighted a few of the top landmarks and attractions that may interest tourists in this part of the world. Indeed, some of the thing we pointed out—the British Museum, the London Eye, etc.—rank not only among the most interesting attractions in the UK, but […]

Every New Mom’s Best Friend: The Sit-down Place

When you become a new mother, there is one thing you are going to start cherishing more than you ever did before – sitting. Between carrying your baby around, feeding them, rocking them to sleep, changing them, and getting up in the middle of the night to check on them, getting to sit down for […]

Lemon Kiss: Dresses Fit for a Princess


I have three children, 2 girls and one boy. All of them are unique in every way. They have different interests and preferences in everything. For instance, my youngest daughter has her own preferences when it comes to the way she dress herself up. She doesn’t like wearing jeans or shorts. She always prefers wearing […]

The Unlikely Connection between Parents, Windows and Toddlers


If you’ve reached the terrible-two stage yet, you’ll probably be fully aware of all of the challenges your little one is throwing at you. Today we’re not going to focus on the tantrums or anything else along those lines, but rather the flying paints and everything else that can make your home the definition of […]