Bringing a Baby to a Wedding? Buy These Baby Toys First!

Oh dear, are you ever in for a challenge if you plan to bring a baby to a wedding. Of course, it’s a challenge many take on willingly as the bride and groom love having the little one there. Plus, the little one may actually be the bride and groom’s baby! The idea is fine, [...]

Natur House: Slimming Solution for Busy Women. Now in the Philippines!

After giving birth to my third baby, I started gaining weight. Aside from my uncontrollable eating lifestyle, my sedentary life is also to blame. Working from home gives you a lot of option to rest after eating. :p I never thought about going on a diet until I got admitted last 2010 for gallstones. It [...]

How Do Tarot Cards Work?

If you’re interested in alternative spirituality, a tarot card reading may be something that you’ve been meaning to try out. Tarot readings are a form of divination and the practice of divination dates back thousands of years. If you’re considering a reading, make sure you do your research by visiting a psychic blog, and think [...]

Finally Found a Pure ‘N Fresh Fragrance!


As far as I can recall, I never used perfumes or colognes. I hated using them or smelling someone who uses strong fragrances because it makes me sick. I have no tolerance for strong smell because I have allergic rhinitis. If I use makeup and creams, I always go for fragrance free or something with [...]

Aftermarket Upgrades: No Diesel Truck is Complete Without Them

Diesel pickup trucks are renowned for their ability to pull extremely heavy loads. Diesel 4-wheel-drive trucks are also some of the most capable off-road vehicles on the planet. However, every diesel pickup truck can be improved by installing a few upgrades. Here are a few of the must-have upgrades for a diesel pickup truck. EGR [...]