My Baby Planet – Concept Store for Parents with a Distinctive Taste

My Baby Planet is a unique baby concept store in the Philippines designed for parents with a distinctive taste. It provides a one-stop shopping solution for hard to find specialty items for babies’ and moms’ from organic food to milk, vitamins, clothing, linens, toiletries, household products, cleaning aids, gadgets, furniture, toys and accessories. It aims […]

Movie Review: If Cats Disappeared from the World

Just finished watching the Japanese movie entitled, “If Cats Disappeared from the World.” And to be honest, the title and the synopsis weren’t catchy at all but I decided to watch it because I am a fan of Takeru Sato. If Cats Disappeared from the World is quite dragging. The pacing was too slow for […]

Proof of Pain: Tech Tools to Help Stop Abuse in Its Tracks

Technology has advanced hugely over the past 20-30 years and, whilst this is extremely positive in a lot of ways, it also has a deadly side. Over half of today’s teens have experienced some form of cyberbullying which wouldn’t be possible if the technology weren’t so advanced. Cyberbullying can occur in many forms including email […]

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