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    Price Increases

    It seems that price increases have jumpstarted the New Year. When I went to the grocery store, prices of prime commodities and toiletries have gone up. Even if it is just a few cents for some and up to some pesos for others, still there are price adjustments and if you total your purchase, they have really affected my budget. Thank God that I don’t have other bills to pay like car insurance or health insurances. At least I only have our daily expenses and my children’s school expense to think of. Well, yeah, there is the house and electricity, but these are regular expenses that we are sure to…

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    Red Spots

    Just lately, I noticed red spots on my baby’s arms and legs. At first, I felt shocked of what I saw because the quickest idea that came to my mind was baby eczema. But after careful examination, thank God they were only insect bites! Anyway, I am still being careful. I don’t give full confidence in everything I see especially if it involves the children. I am always keeping guard of what is happening to them even in little ways. Hits: 624 232Shares229 3  

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    Emotional Ramblings

    This week has been very unkind to me. The circumstances in my life, though they are repetitive, still hurt me in so many ways. Sometimes my mom would say that I should be immune by now which I thought I was but still I am not. If you would see my face now, you might say I look older than my age. Well, I couldn’t blame myself. Even the best anti wrinkle face cream couldn’t help what I am feeling right now that shows lines in my face. Anyway, I am planning to make things work by God’s grace. I know sometimes I am losing faith in miracles that might…

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    Now Using My Own HDD!

    The solution to my PC problem only caused me 75pesos!! Yup, I bought a SATA cable yesterday. So when evening came, I connected the SATA cable to my motherboard including my 250GB. I booted my PC using my husband’s laptop HDD then immediately transferred my files to my hubby’s HDD. After transferring, I removed my husband’s HDD then made my 250GB as the primary HDD and partitioned it. Then I installed Windows XP as my OS twice because the PC hanged. After installing OS, I connected my hubby’s HDD into my computer using a USB connected. Then I transferred all my files to my own HDD. All of this took…