A Woman’s Treasure

Like me, most women hold in their chests a bunch of man-made trinkets. What I meant as chest is the familiar ‘jewelry box’ but warmly taken, ‘heart’ could be a perfect word substitute because everything inside the treasure box is collected for the love of this treasure. Cramped inside my treasure chest are string pearl necklaces, something that I’m sure taking most of the space of other women’s treasure chests as well.

Pearl is the only gem created by a life form or specifically by sea water and fresh water clams. Cultured pearls don’t get far behind their rare, natural and expensive counterparts. They are made the same way and by the same pearl-maker only that they are seeded. Man placed the irritant to cause the clam to form the pearls. It was the Japenese pearl aficionado Kokichi Mikimoto we owe this technology to. He successfully cultured whole Akoya pearls in the early 1900’s, and founded the modern cultured pearl industry. Since then, pearls are in abundance satisfying the cravings of many like me.

Thanks to Diva Fabulosa, an awesome fashion blog, who gave me pearls from Palawan Island. Thank you so much Mommy Jade!! Check out her other awesome blogs:  Gowns and Heels, Beauty and Fashion Diva, Health and Beauty Diva, The Pinay Blogger, Online Chikadora, Pinay Jade and Momma Finally!!

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