Currently Reading: Productive Pinoy by Yeng Remulla

September 27, 2011

I really love reading the printed word. I have lots of them especially self-help books that talks about parenting, marriage, spirituality, personal finance and time management. Luckily, I was able to receive a complimentary copy of Productive Pinoy by Yeng Remulla. Since I am a slow reader (with three kids who needs attention in between online work and house chores), I am still reading the book as of the moment and all I can say is that each page is awesome. I can’t wait to write my full review on this book. So, stay tuned for that!!

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  1. I love reading self-help books than romance novels, if I would I have the classics anyway, other than that para sa akin mas interactive ang self-help kase may substance yung nakukuha mo sa book plus I get to use it for giving advice to people hehehe.

  2. really? good for you that you still have time to read moms. it really helps us grow. i can only wish to carve some reading time, too. :d

  3. I love reading too. And I also have 3 kids. But I always find time to read. I love reading any kind of books and reading materials that interests me. I am currently reading Game of Thrones and some reading materials about yoga.

  4. Fully agree with you reading different type of books is really good it enhance your vocab and up to date you.I always feel that books are my true companion.

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