Driving Fears

One of the things that I really wanted in life is not to regret anything. I want to try any that challenges my phobias on things. Well, most of the things that I am afraid of have been challenged but there is one thing that I haven’t done yet – driving! I really wanted to learn how to drive but I haven’t done it yet because we don’t have our own car. I mean it would really be a bummer if I try to learn how to drive but have no car to drive on.

Anyway, there are many good pre-owned cars available nowadays. My uncle before was in the business of selling used cars but lately, I was able to stumble upon Used Cadillacs Harrisburg PA. They are selling pre-owned Cadillacs. Just too bad, I am nowhere near them. If I were, I would consider saving enough money to buy one. Why Cadillacs? Aside from known car brands, Cadillacs are very durable cars. They last long even if you buy a pre-owned one. You will be guaranteed of good engine and excellent running condition. Aside from that, the name and the beauty itself will make you feel good about it.

I might not buy one yet in the near future, but I am determined to learn how to drive! Conquer fear!

1 thought on “Driving Fears

  1. Me too!!! I always wanted to learn how to drive, BUT I can’t seem to find the nerve to place myself in the driver’s seat… tsk tsk tsk

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