Got My Free Gift Set from Johnson’s Body Care

A few days ago, I received an email from Johnson’s Body Care saying that I am one of the friends Mommy Mauie invited to receive a special gift from them. Since I knew Mommy Mauie, I immediately click on the link to see what the gift was. So guess what?! Johnson’s Body Care is giving away a free gift set to all ladies from the Philippines!! They will deliver it to your doorstep for FREE too!!

So after a few days, I finally received my FREE GIFT SET from Johnson’s Body Care. Now, I am excited to use them especially the lavender one which is Johnson’s Body Care Melt Away Stress! Anyway, special thanks to Mommy Mauie of The 24 Hour Mommy for inviting me and Johnson’s Body Care for the fabulous gift set! Thanks for the advance Christmas gift!

If you are interested to get one yourself, register now and get your free gift set from Johnson’s Body Care HERE.

12 thoughts on “Got My Free Gift Set from Johnson’s Body Care

  1. sis, i clicked the linked and filled up the form. hopefully i’ll get my freebies too!

    Btw, contest sponsors are needed. be one of them!

  2. oh that is sooo nice mommi! been wanting to get a gift pack from johnsons, after all, johnsons user si baby. congrats to you mommi! 😀 so happy for your blessings. 😀

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