Hello Summer! $1000 CASH Giveaway!!

And here we are again to give you a chance to win BIG BUCKS!!! Happy Home and Family, Diva Fabulosa, Proud Mommy of ThreeΒ and a group of amazing bloggers have teamed up to give 1 lucky winner a whopping $1000 paypal cash! Yep you read it right, $1000 cold hard cash!

What would you do if you win $1000?

Go on a holiday ?
Have a home makeover ?
Go on a shopping spree ?

There are a lot of ways how you can spend $1000 of COLD CASH!! Excited? You might be the one to WIN THIS! Join now!!

  • Giveaway will run June 20 at 12:01 am EST – July 20 at 12:01 AM EST
  • You must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • Entries will be verified.

Wait for the Rafflecopter to load and enter below:

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Good luck to you!!

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  1. Sherry says:

    I would save half the money and use another half for family vacation and shopping

  2. tiffany laventure says:


  3. Melissa Santos says:

    I would use the money for Family Holiday!

  4. Mitchteryosa says:

    Would buy a new sofa set and save some in my daughters’ accounts.

  5. Genebei says:

    What will I do with the money ($1000) if I win this giveaway? This could really help buy the medications used to treat tuberculosis for my MIL .

  6. Lanie K. says:

    I would pay some of my student loan off, and then treat my mom to a spa day out!

  7. Deli says:

    I will use it towards the down payment of our own house πŸ™‚

  8. laya florendo says:

    i’ll use the blessing to pay bills, debts, buy groceries and put the left-over in the bank (if there’s anything left!) πŸ™‚

  9. SaNaSaNz says:

    If I win the $1000, I would pay my son’s full tuition fee and give him a whole day treat! πŸ™‚

  10. emotera goddess says:

    I haven’t been on vacation on summer but if I received this blessings ill treat my family and I for a vacation. (fingers cross to win)

  11. val says:

    i’d use a portion to get a dessert table for our wedding reception; the rest to get my parents an all expense paid trip somewhere!

  12. Abbey Fatica says:

    I’d be pretty practical about most of it and pay bills but probably splurge on something for this hard working mom! πŸ™‚

  13. Tiffany says:

    A summer getaway would be very ideal for me! But I won’t spend it all on that of course. Need to save some of it. πŸ˜€

  14. Iris says:

    I’d definitely use it as a downpayment for the car that we’re eyeing. πŸ™‚

  15. Maryjade Anne Manzanero says:

    If hopefully I win the $1000 giveaway I would pay my bills first then buy my kids’ needs as well as buy some home items. Thank you!

  16. Dennis Lo says:

    Like my wife, most of the money that we will win here if ever will go to our child’s educational fund. That is after tithes, of course. πŸ˜€

  17. Hailey Stuckart says:

    Honestly it’s a tough one….it could go to paying the kids dance for the upcoming year, or put in our family vacay fund. Or put towards a new vehicle we are going to need in the near future {hubby’s truck is nearing it’s end}….but I’d love to have a fab clothing budget to just play with….oh so many things…

  18. ruby says:

    if i will win $1000 i will buy medicine and vitamins of my mother..

  19. Tom Semeros Sedaya says:

    All I can say is Go Go Go! Hope everybody wins lol.

  20. Ann Trinidad says:

    I would save the money for a family holiday!

  21. Charlie Aquino says:

    I would invest the money to my dream resto/cafe.

  22. JenJacqs says:

    If I would win the $1000 cash giveaway, I would definitely pay my daughter’s tuition fees and have a vacation with my kids which we didn’t had a chance to do.

  23. cherrielyn says:

    If I would win the $1000 cash giveaway, I would invest the money to business for helping my family and for my daugther tuition fee and thier need. i hope im win :).tnx

  24. January B says:

    Need a new mattress set sooo bad! Would LOVE to win this.

  25. joy says:

    pay my debts and be free

  26. I’m glad that I’m part of the giveaway!!! Yay πŸ™‚ Goodluck to all of us. Hoping I would be the luckiest hehe πŸ˜€

  27. mommycor says:

    treat hubby and the kids and the other half i will save for the ‘rainy days’ πŸ™‚

  28. emma says:

    bills and shoppppppp

  29. c5 @ ohmsandvolts.info says:

    Will pay bills and make the rest grow… πŸ™‚

  30. michelle ann b. doon says:

    if im gonna win the money ill spend it for the vacation of my family bonding tym with the family is the best tym of all..

  31. Freelancer On Fly says:

    I will put up a business… πŸ™‚

  32. Raymond Romano says:

    Will give that to the “rightful owner” My Mom.
    we are indebt, she knows what to do.
    Blessings to All of Us!

  33. Kayce says:

    I would buy a new set of desktop computer for myself and I will upgrade some of our computer units in our computer shop.

  34. hanny=) says:

    First the tenth part will go to our church or a bigger portion since we are raising funds for our church and lot building. I’ll open a savings account for my children for their education. Buy things we needed in the house. And some for vacation – we’ll go to the beach!

  35. Danie says:

    It will go to the “build the house” fund. πŸ™‚

  36. Dennis Lo says:

    most will go to our child’s college fund. but we might buy a gadget that will help in educating her πŸ˜€

  37. Yani says:

    If I win $1000, I’d choose to give my house a makeover so I can see a change to it and I’ll be more comfortable living at my place.

  38. Annemarie Z. says:

    I would pay some bills and get some new clothing!

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