How Many Tubs did They Take?

I’m not a fan of wrestling. I know that everything that happens inside the ring is scripted so in my opinion, there’s no point in watching it. Besides, the kids often watch TV with me and I don’t want to go on explaining to them what the bunch of guys in the ring are doing lest I give them an idea and they go mimicking the wrestlers.

Just the mere sight of those guys is enough to scare. How did they get so big? I assume they weren’t that huge before. Did they read a lot of no shotgun reviews and decided that it’s the best supplement they could take? No I’m wondering how many tubs of no shotgun they took. I heard that it’s the most effective supplement for building mass although it doesn’t taste very good.

Oh, television can really make my head spin. I should stay away from it because everything I see on it makes my mind work double time.

2 thoughts on “How Many Tubs did They Take?

  1. Do you know any healthy diet suppliments that are also cheap? I’m an overweight teen and I’m 5’9, big boned and about 50 lbs overweight. I exercise and eat very healthy but I haven’t lost as much as I believe I can. Plus my family is short on money.

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