New Blogger Dashboard!!

Have you notice anything with your blogger dashboard?? Well, if you are keen with details, you will see that blogger is slowly updating. The beta blogger draft is now slowly migrating to our accounts.

The “Add Element” is now “Add a Gadget.” See below:

And the old dashboard is replaced with the blogger draft dashboard. You don’t have to switch accounts.

They are not sleeping at! They are making new ways to make blogging life better. COOL!!

3 thoughts on “New Blogger Dashboard!!

  1. hi mommy. ur right! blogger’s dashboard is new! i was confused at first… i thought i was on the wrong page hehe. finally figured it out…


  2. it could have been nicer if they retain the My Account button:) for some reason I can’t find the Adsense, Analytics, etc… on the Blogger Dashboard…:(
    anyways, happy weekend, Mommy Ruby!

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