New Gadgets!!

LG dvd/cd writter with ligthscribe and Card Reader

Sorry for the low resolution, I have no digicam. This picture was taken from my Nokia 6600 in nigth mode. By the way, I bought a LG dvd/cd writter with lightscribe and a card reader yesterday. It was on my wishlist several months ago and finally, I was able to get a good find and brand new. These are the things I called assets…they can be turned to money-making machines. By the way, I installed them by myself.

Ethernet Broadband Router

Since my husband and I are real computer addicts, we decided to buy an Ethernet Broadband Rounter (4 port) today. I can do my blogging and he can do his online gaming. It’s where we get united…through broadband connection!!! LOL…

1 thought on “New Gadgets!!

  1. Cool! Now you have more reasons to stay online and on the computer…LOL. That’s a good thing right? Kasi I’m always online eh.

    Anyway, thanks for swinging by my blog….appreciate the time.

    Have a great week ahead!


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