I am usually up during the wee hours of the night till dawn. But last night, I just have to take a night-off! I was feeling very tired and sleepy. So, I slept early than the usual dawn-sleeping. FLASH NEWS: My was husband was kind enough to wash the dishes after he played with my PC.

Maybe my body is still adjusting to the things that I have been lately doing. All are basic – cook, clean and care for the kids; but I now I know how it really feels to be a” stay-at-home” mommy. It’s very tiring and exhausting but definitely a well-paying job – with lots of kisses and i love yous and never ending mommy calls.

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  1. Mummy Sheng says:

    glad to know you somehow had a good rest. at least hubby is helping, hey!

    it’s really hard being a SAHM at first right? especially if you’re not used doing the house chores! but your kids’ tender hugs and kisses, and constant calling makes it all worth it!

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