PMO is PR4??

I can’t really help it but I am still in a state of shock! I was not expecting to have new messages in my CBOX but I always check it every now and then. A message from Rhea of Prove Me Wrong caught my attention. She said “Hi Ruby, congratulations on your new pagerank 4. :biggrin:” And my initial reaction was “REALLY?” I can’t believe what I am reading that PMO is PR4. As in I don’t usually believe the toolbar after the PR1 incident. So, I checked it in a PR checker and there it was is really Page Rank 4!! Then literally, as female as I am – very expressive – I jumped for joy!! I can’t prove Rhea wrong because she was right!! Thanks Rhea for bring me the good news!!

And I am indebted to GOD. A part from HIM, I am nothing!! To my friends – I will not mention the names – I might forget somebody. Thank you for helping me archive this. To all participants of PExlinks! To all my EntreCard droppers! To my readers and regular visitors! I THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!And to my family, who never bugs me when I am online! Hehehehe…

I know sometimes that PR goes down or go back to ZERO (I hope not – please Big G), at least, I have a post to remember this joyous moment that I have jumped because I got PR4.

Again, thank you guys!! Muah! Muah Muah!

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  1. faeryrowan says:

    Ey, congratulations on the PR4! More power and may it continue to grow!

  2. jessie says:


    Congrats sa PR4. Buti naman at nagkaron na to para naman mapakinabangan mo na nang mas mabuti. 🙂

  3. annie says:


    im a mom blogger, though my blog in EC is under Lifestyle category..
    i hope you can include me in your 100 list..


  4. Purely Me says:

    a BIG congratulations on the PR 4! I am sure u deserved it! Keep it up!!!

  5. Crissy says:

    congrats! weee PR4!!

  6. WhoIsMarc? says:

    woot ^_^ congratz!

    well you deserved it anyways 🙂 as you can see from you last month, you’ve put a real solid effort on your blog thus you got pr 4 🙂


  7. ? Joymhrdy ? says:

    hi mommy r, naku! wow! PR 4 ka na! Congrats! Make most out of it, baka kasi magchange na naman mind ni big G hehehhee! congrats again, you deserve it!

  8. Jena Isle says:

    Great site, how do you do it? I mean arrange all these things nicely, in your page. Congrats! Keep posting.

  9. Pinay Jade says:

    Wow Ruby! Congrats to you. I hope you stay there on top! You totally deserve it!

  10. Maricel says:

    weeee congrats congrats! ^_____^ finally all our hardwork! 😀

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