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Most of you might not know that I have a Power Drop Site for EntreCard Fast Droppers. I haven’t made any public announcement about it since it was only intended for blogger’s who loved to do power dropping. But now, I am publicly announcing it because I have re-launched it into a new name and purpose. It’s now called Pinay Mommy’s Power Drop Site and Online Store!

Yup, you heard it right! It’s not only a place for you to drop your EntreCard but also a place for you to shop using PAYPAL. You can buy 1000 EC Credits for only $3.00 (a very reasonable price)!! Banner Advertising Packages for Pinay Mommy Online can also be bought from there and also quality ebooks for only $5.00. Later on, I will be adding more digital products and even tangible items such as books, clothes, bags, etc.

Once again, to all my valued readers and friends, please do visit my newest edition to my online abodes – my very own storefront. Thank you very much and more power!!


5 thoughts on “Power Drop Site and Online Store

  1. Mommy Ruby, I come across a few websites owned by you, and I am pretty impressed. Keep up the good work and may you find success with your power drop site and online store!

  2. congrats on ur store. hmmm really have to sit down and see what it’s all about! i only know how to drop my EC.

  3. hello guys! thanks for leaving me a comment. i really didn’t planned to open an online store. since, i have few EC to sell, i thought that i might as well make money from it.

    @ pmonchet, hinde naman. hehehe…same ol’ me pa rin.

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