Searching for Blogs?

When we do online searches, we always go to google for it. Then later on some companies made ways to do a google-like search engines based on a particular niche. One that I usually use is that of Shop Wiki if I need to search for particular shopping items that I want to buy online.

Now, I have discovered another astonishing website. It’s not actually a search engine but you can search blogs on it. OK, you may say there is nothing too surprising about that but wait, there’s more! You can search blogs here that allows dofollow on comments. Yup! You heard me right. is still new and maybe in a beta stage but I could see that this has a big future in the blogosphere. It can help a blogger get quality backlink for his blog or site if he does comment on related blogs. Anybody can add a dofollow blog at the site. They are also in the process of updating a list of dofollow forums and of course their own blog and forum to provide additional information of dofollow blogs and support to users.

3 thoughts on “Searching for Blogs?

  1. hi sis, been reading about DOFOLLOW at NOFOLLOW, gawa ka naman ng post to explain a little for someone who is not that techie.and what is its impact to someone who wants to monetize her blog

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