“Surf and Drop” Project

Just lately, I have created a new ring from RingSurf for bloggers who uses entrecard. I was already a ring master before and still is now for PMC RingSurf. Since PMC RingSurf was for Pinay Mommies Community members only and not all members were EntreCard users, so I opted to start a new project that relates to EntreCard users. It is called “Surf and Drop.” Well, it’s quite the same to “EntreCard DropSurf” who was created by Stay-at-Hom Mom and Military Wife last month. She was really witty to think about this. I owe it to her for reminding me about such resources as RingSurf.
Anyway, the “Surf and Drop” ring can help you easily surf and drop to similar blogs who would like to reciprocate the surfing and dropping love in the blogosphere. It can also help the dropper concentrate at one blog at a time to allow blog post reading or scanning before proceeding to dropping at the EntreCard widget. It’s not only a simple drop but it is doing every blogger a favor – a true “you drop and i follow” way.If you like to join this new project, please click HERE.

4 thoughts on ““Surf and Drop” Project

  1. Nag join na ko Mommy Ruby 🙂

    BTW thanks sa offer mo to help me on my banner link. Pls. use na lang yung girl sa header ko.

    I hope we could chat sa Yahoo messenger if ok lang malaman Yahoo ID mo?

    Thanks so much & God bless! mwah!

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