Webhosting Disappointments

Supposedly earlier this week, I should have transferred my hosting to another company. I wanted to transfer because I realized that their package was not suitable for my needs. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do so because the prior company I am with really failed on Customer Service. I send them an email they didn’t answer. I called their office; still they didn’t answer my first few attempts – only once but on my follow, not anymore!
Anyway, I was really a first timer on webhosting (around 3 months ago) so I really didn’t know how the system works and how the packages and customer service might affect all things. I was really in for a big surprise! Now, I am suffering from all these things because I lacked knowledge.But the good thing is, after this unfruitful relationship with current webhosting company, I decided to learn more about what webhosting really is and how other factors really affect your webhosting company’s performance. My searches lead me to They have many great and informative articles like tips on choosing your webhost, the truth about cheap webhosting and cPanel tutorials. They also have reviews on available webhosting service providers and their packages.

And guess what, I honestly regretted the fact that I was able to read them just lately. If I have found them about 3 months ago, I have spared myself from this terrible experience and disappointments. So, planning to get a webhosting service? Well, before you do so, visit and get to know more about webhosting and more!

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