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A Model’s Lifestyle

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I often wonder how a model spends her day. They seem to be all pretty and made up day in day out, living the life of a rock star, doing fashion shows after another, gracing one magazine cover each month, trailblazing one  runway and then the next, in their ever glitzy and dazzling dress and shoes. Not to mention the lavish parties and smoking cheap cigars all night long. They lead such a semi charmed life, other people would die to trade places with them

I also often wonder if there were ever a time you will catch these real life dolls without the glitz and glamour that go with them? Do they also live like normal people like us lazying about in their fabulous spreads in their jammies looking rather unglamorous and unkempt?    And do they ever gain weight and accumulate fats in their reed thin built?

Oh well, a model’s life and lifestyle seems like modern day fairy tales, I guess, unless we found ourselves caught up in the very same world they live in. Some people are fortunate enough to do that and that is probably why those model search reality shows are most appealing. For the rest of us, I guess we will just marvel at them from afar.


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