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A New Generation of Bloggers

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Dad blogs, it is a format that is pretty new in the world of blogging. Parental type blogs have often been thought of as the realm of the mother, like me, because as soon as my first kid was born I just wanted to share every aspect of my life with that child with the whole world. I acted like I was the first person to have a baby, because it was all new and wonderful and a complete miracle from start to finish. But here we have dads; they want a piece of the action too.  And who can blame them.

I never once considered that my husband might want to boast about our little miracle too, I thought the child was an excuse for a drunken night out, “Wet the baby’s head” he said to me as he walked out the door. But then a few hours later I heard him coming down the street a little worse for wear, telling everyone he bumped into – and a lamp post – that he had never been happier. All was forgiven. He was as proud as I was, and I never thought that possible.

So the emergence of dad blogs taking over my turf was a welcome and refreshing change. I know nothing about sports or outdoors pursuits or even the latest technology, computer games and gadgets,  so dad blogs fit in nicely without encroaching on my craft ideas, family days out, hints and tips and general heartfelt discussions about my babies first nativity play and other such “mummy  bursting with pride” moments I just have to share.

One such blog is Husbanddadandpooliemad.blogspot.co.uk. It is a light-hearted read about fun things he does with the kid, learning parenting techniques from his wife and other insights into life as a dad. He also discusses what it is like to be the parent of a child with a disability, a must read for anyone in the same position.

Stokeydad.com is something a little different. It has general articles about gadgets, ideas for father’s day gifts and links to relevant news articles. This is an all-round blog that will probably be of great interest to other daddy bloggers, however, there is one or two posts in there that us mummy bloggers will find really useful too.

Theoutdoorsdad.com is just great, well not for me, I love my home comforts, but my husband and son really like this one. It encourages family time outside of the house, camping trips and days out together. While it is one of the newer blogs with only a few postings so far, it is definitely one to watch.

Dadetc.blogspot.co.uk is an amusing yet truthful insight into what it is like to be a parent interspersed with blogs about daily life. The latest posting is about who when the child gets older, you don’t stop the insane worrying, you just change what you worry about. I can relate to that and I am sure every parent out there will completely understand the sentiment.

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