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An LCD TV for Me?

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Why is it that when you move to a new place, as much as possible you want all your stuff to be brand new? I know a lot of people who moved to a new house and all these made sure that they only brought in new stuff into the house.

The house in CDO is not new. It is newly renovated. However, like the people I mentioned above, I find myself considering buying new stuff for the house. At first it was just a new set of dinnerware. Then it shot up to new furniture and décor. Now I am thinking of buying a new TV set. I actually have my eyes set on an lg lcd TV, anywhere between 32 and 42 inches.

I know that would be too much to ask considering that the house isn’t so big. But I really want to invest on good electronic products and since LG is a tried and tested brand, it’s my first and last choice for an LCD TV.

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