Arrived? Yes!

Oh yes! Finally, I am blogging here in my hometown Cagayan de Oro! As expected my super delayed travel was late all the way. My estimated time of arrival was supposed to be 6:00am yesterday but because of all the delay, we were able to dock around 9:00pm! Talk about the stress we have to go through! Grrr…

Anyway, I am just glad that we have arrived safely. My mom, my older brother and my daughter went to the pier to fetch us up. My son and my daughter was really happy seeing each other. They hugged each other right after we passed the gates. They were really closed knit siblings, so probably they really missed each other so much. As for me, I was happy to see them all. It’s been four months since I haven’t seen them. My father was not around since he is at work. He will be arriving this Saturday.

As for my husband, he has been honest with his text messages to me. Even though I didn’t ask him where he is but he has been quite informative. He texted me where he was and who he was with and what he was doing made me smile. He is acting so cute!

Now that I am blogging using my laptop, I find myself so lost. I couldn’t access some of my blogs and websites I worked with, I forgot my passwords. The worst part is I also forgot my passwords in some of my emails too! Huhuhuhu…

Oh well, before I stress myself in analysing my lost passwords, I think I should better get a head start in researching some term life insurance online quotes. I needed more details on it for some paper I am working with. So, see yeah later!

14 thoughts on “Arrived? Yes!

  1. lol at the password part. I also faced that problem when I traveled with my laptop and left my PC at home. Too many username and password to remember. 😛

    Enjoy your stay~!

  2. Just visiting you again.

    I never been in CDO and I don’t have yet experience to travel by sea. Hopefully we can experience it this summer vacation.

    I hope that you recover your PW.

  3. Hello Guys! Thanks for dropping by again. I have recovered some passwords to those important websites and emails only. As for the others, I can manage to wait.

    Thanks again for all the concern. 🙂

  4. Ma’am Rubz,

    I did not know you were into insurance….glad to know that you have arrived safely..pasalubong when you get back..joke… I Know how you feel about not remembering passwords…at least you have your own computer..I on the other hand need to remember everything that I can, since I do not have my own..hehehe..hope you’ll enjoy your stay in Cagayan…

  5. Hi mommy ruby. this is my first time to post a comment on your blog although i have been following it for some time. i enjoy reading your posts because you are so honest and spontaneous. take care of yourself and your baby 🙂 be happy!

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