Attended Blogging: Unmasked!

Last October 14, 2010, we at Negros Bloggers Club initiated a blogging talk entitled “Blogging: Unmasked” together with Mr. Enrico Dee of, a renowned travel blogger. He invited one of his friends, Mr. Fitz Villafuerte a blogging guru on personal finance as one of our guest speakers.

The blogging talk was attended by 20 plus participants who were bloggers and interested to blog. They all came wanting to learn more about blogging and how we could make money online through it. As for me, the event was successful. Having those numbers of attending participants is already a miracle since it was a working day.

Here are some pictures we took during the event:

One of the things that made me laugh during the event was us discussing to be healthy. All of us are guilty of this and aside from that, most of us need acne scar removal because we stay up so late at night and we are getting acne breakouts!!

Anyway, I just hope that we will have more blogging events here at Bacolod City. Meeting and learning from other bloggers is truly bliss!

Images Courtesy of Henry James Toga. 😉

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