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Avoiding Premature Aging

I was preparing to go out earlier today for the Earth Hour observance of a nearby mall so I sat right in front of my dresser. I was trying to decide whether or not I should apply a dash of make-up or just go to the venue bare-faced. The verdict? I went out with a dab of make-up.

I did so because I noticed tiny crow’s feet around my eyes and I wanted to conceal them. I think I need to start using anti-wrinkles now to prevent the crow’s feet from worsening. Maybe I should try skincell vial #29-A. They say that it’s the most effective wrinkle cream in the market nowadays. The reason behind this is because they have the highest concentration – 99% – of the world’s most important, and perhaps most effective, ingredients when it comes to anti-aging solutions.

I’m not even halfway through 30 but signs of aging are starting to manifest. I should really do something about it because I would hate for myself to age prematurely.

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14 thoughts on “Avoiding Premature Aging

  1. hi mommy… naku, tulog gid importante pra di mag premature aging 🙂

    if it’s not too much to ask, please visit my site and it will really be encouraging to hear what you have to say… or rather, to read what you have to write. not to mention the wisdom you can share with my kiddos.

    i just set it up rubz ;-D


  2. I mean, I don’t sleep early. Some say that it has an effect on early aging. I can’t use other products because I’m still breastfeeding my baby.

  3. natawa naman ako sa comment ni Shy. ganyan talaga tayo mga babae, hindi gusto makunot ang mukha, especially the lines below our eyes and cheeks.

  4. everybody hates to see wrinkles in their faces, right? kahit ako. I am still 25 years old and yet I am using face products to avoid seeing lines on my face. we want ageless beauty. vanity ahaha

  5. I’m already in my 30’s that’s why I follow my skin regimen to a T. Most of the products I use are anti aging moisturizers and facial wash from Ponds Gold Radiance and Celeteque.

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