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A few hours earlier, I introduced myself. I told you that I had 2 beautiful children and I am working but currently on leave. Well actually, I am on leave because my 2 months old baby in my womb died. I was admitted at the hospital last Saturday because I was bleeding but the next day after the ultrasound, we found out that my baby was already dead. My body reacted about the dead baby and that caused me to bleed.So last Sunday afternoon, we had the baby taken out by dilation and curettage (raspa). It was very sad for me and my husband. We expected to have a third child. When we knew about it that Sunday morning, all we did was we cried the whole afternoon as we wait for my schedule to have the baby taken out.

Even though, we didn’t knew the baby’s gender. We named him baby Jonathan. I was excited to have another baby boy. But unfortunately, God didn’t will it for us. I don’t know why but probably the answer lies on the next few months or years.

It’s been a few days already but still I can’t help myself. I cry every time I remember him. When I see my pregnancy book, I cry again. When I lay down at bed and remember what happened, I cry again.

Maybe he was a blood, but for me, he is already my baby. It’s hard to accept especially when I remember all the things that I went through before I lost the baby. Yes! I do sometimes blame myself and I cried about this.

Anyway, because of that event, I decided to start blogging. Share my experiences and maybe someday, I can touch lives about this. I kinda discreet right now. I am not that ready to talk more about it. I might cry again.


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Lalaine November 30, 2007 - 7:55 am

Hello Pinay Mommy!It’s so sad to hear about Baby Jonathan, but as you said, God has a reason for everything..I don’t know how much pain you’ve gone through but just remember that he is in control of EVERYTHING and continue to trust in HIm even in things we sometimes we don’t understand. That’s real FAITH. God bless!

Jen April 18, 2008 - 3:07 am

Hi sis! I saw this link from your more recent post. I didn’t know you too had a miscarriage. I had mine last year and the year before that. It was really the most painful thing ever.

We too named both babies, the first one was Jem and the second was Jesse Miguel. I based their gender from the lunar calendar.

This was my post from my first miscarriage. God bless sis! I hope you’re better now.

Pinay Jade April 19, 2008 - 12:16 am

Hi Ruby,
I just saw this too. I am so sorry to hear this. I can imagine how painful this event mind have been for you especially that he is a part of you.

We have not met yet but I can sense that you are a very strong woman.

Pink MagaLine February 21, 2011 - 12:09 am

I feel bad for you and your baby sis, but anyway, life’s like that. Take care and God bless your family.


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