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Yesterday, I was awake the whole night, seriously clicking and dropping because there were no opps to be grabbed. I got lucky around 7:00am in the morning. That made me awake until 8:00am. Since the kids were already up, I could no longer sleep. I have to wait until 1:00pm until all of them are at school, so I could take rest. This made me very tired. Around 8:00pm, I tried to do some hopping and blog tweaking but still I could feel my eyes dropping. So, I slept early at 11:00pm. What did I do with the 3 hours? Ha! I was installing programs while my head is at my desk (talk about desperate measures!).
Around 4am dawn, I was awaken. My father was still awake eating. I think he got hungry after playing chess the whole night with my computer. He told me, it’s already early dawn and I might be missing some opps. Well, I woke up. Sat down in my computer and checked some emails. Login to some companies, and tadah – no opps! But my dad prepared milk and biscuits for me; he is very supportive with my blogging. He knows that this is the only thing I have left to support my children.By the way, yesterday was his birthday. Remember my post that I gave him 500 pesos as a birthday gift, guess what? He didn’t buy anything for himself today. He used the money to buy my children milk!! My hubby didn’t send any support (his salary was last week) and I have no income yet from my blogging – not enough to withdraw. I need to get $170 before I could withdraw it freely without charges from PayPal. It was a terrible moment. My gift for him came back to me through my kids’ desperate needs. Grrr…I don’t know what to say!!

Lately, things made me so “blank.” I really wanted to hate somebody or be angry (especially at my hubby) but still…I am blank! There is pain inside. There is hate. But it couldn’t get out. I am so out of this world. I badly needed God’s help right now. I need guidance and wisdom. Don’t want to do something that I might regret later on…been there and don’t want to be there again.

The question is…why I am holding a birthday bash when I am in need?? Well, most of you might not understand me but those that followed my blog know. I get most of my advices from my online friends. Being in the blogosphere has taught me to see life in different angles from different opinions and advices from friends or even passer-bys. Since I am not rich, I could not buy gifts for all of them as a way to show appreciation. So, I decided to have a birthday bash to celebrate my birthday online and give more love to the blogosphere. A birthday that is unique and special. Not that great as other blog contests have but a small one to enjoy life! Oh yes of course, I will spend my birthday offline too together with my children and my parents. Since my father is a great cook, maybe we can buy ingredients to make a special viand for the day. We are ordinary people with simple happiness and having something good to eat for awhile makes every one of us happy.

So, stay tuned for my Birthday Bash Contest mechanics. It will be announced soon. For the meantime, you might want to be a sponsor, click here, and if you want to get additional entries, see details here.

Now I’m off to serious clicking and dropping again! See you later!




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Pinaymama June 30, 2008 - 3:48 pm

Your bday is almost here na pala mommy! Naku I wanted to join your pa contest soon….


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Mummy Sheng July 1, 2008 - 1:09 am

hope things go well for you . . . soon!

stay strong!


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