Blog Giveaway Updates

This is just a quick update for all my blog giveaway participants before I head out and start writing about life insurance policy in my other blog.

First, I would like to thank you for all your efforts in joining my Follow Me Philippines Giveaways! I never thought many would be interested to join. Again, thank you very much!

Since you already joined my first blog giveaway, I am inviting you to join my second and current blog giveaway called Summer Swimsuit Giveaway. This giveaway is open to all, men and women. The swimsuit can be given to your mom, sister or girlfriend. Don’t forget we have t-shirt as prizes too.

Now, for those who subscribe via email, please don’t forget to confirm it. I saw a lot of email subscriber and most of them are unverified. So if you want your entry to count, please verify your subscription.

I added another optional requirement. Re-tweet the messages below once daily and you will get an additional entry – one point per re-tweet per message.

RT @pinaymommy Join Follow Me Philippines Giveaways! Open to all Philippine residents! Please visit here

RT @pinaymommy Join Summer Swimsuit Giveaway! Open to all Philippine residents! Please visit here

Leave your twitter status URL as comments here. I comment per tweet.

That’s all folks. Thank you very much!!

  1. Cei
  2. kayce
  3. Chris
  4. bluedreamer27
  5. bluedreamer27
  6. Shydub
  7. bamie
  8. jhongrelativo
  9. bamie
  10. bamie
  11. bamie
  12. bamie
  13. Cotton Candy Buzz
  14. Winchester
  15. bamie
  16. Chris
  17. bamie
  18. bamie
  19. Winchester
  20. bamie
  21. Winchester
  22. bamie
  23. Winchester
  24. Winchester
  25. bamie
  26. Winchester
  27. bamie

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