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Bumming on Certain Days

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Today I spent a bit of my hectic day bumming out. Being a mom is hard work, and being a working mom is even harder. So what does one have to do to make things work out? Bum out for an hour or so.

Yes, it is true! If I fail at balancing my acts, I could very well turn out with a burn out and then what? I would spend a lot of time checking out things like home builders cedar rapids ia, or something so random that does not even apply to me. But that is not profitable, and that certainly does not do wonders for my family financial situation. So I bum.

By bumming out, I mean I enjoy myself totally for just an hour or so, and then go back to pushing the keyboards and finding the sweet smell of success. I cannot stand not doing anything and risk not working, so I move. I move, move, move. But with an hour to bum out, there is certainly a lot of things that I can accomplish because it allows my brain to work better. Quicker and more stable.

My friend once told me that she had to keep moving otherwise it would hurt her. I shook my head and said that she got it all wrong. She had to pause every now and then so that she would have time to recharge, even if that meant that she would have to really slam the brakes on. This is because the faster she goes, the farther she falls off track, and that is not a pretty picture, is it? So yes, I suggest being a bum – even for a short while – so that she can do the things she does best whenever, wherever.

So how about you? Do you bum out on certain days, too?

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