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Yesterday, my son and I went to the hospital. Since he was having few coughing episodes lately, I opted for him to be checked. It’s better to know early than have another severe asthma attack. I wouldn’t want to see my baby go through another one. I hate seeing him under those tubes for oxygen supply so that he can breathe. Anyway, he was generally OK. He had gained weight about a kilo since he was hospitalized but since he is so thin, the doctor suggested having him skin tested for Primary Complex. So I agreed because I have extra money to pay for one because my father sent me last Monday. It will be read on Friday, I hope he gets negative results!

After his check up, we went to my doctor. Yesterday was my first prenatal check-up. So, I just found out that my baby is already 6 weeks and 6 days old. My baby will be due somewhere on September 24 this year. Exciting, isn’t it?! Anyway, since I had a history of fetal demise (baby died inside the womb), I was automatically scheduled for urinalysis and complete blood count. The doctor wanted to see everything if there some factors that might affect the pregnancy. Aside from that, as early as next month, I will undergo an ultrasound so that we will be able to know if the baby developed a heart. The doctor wanted to hear the baby’s heartbeat just to make sure. Though this entails many expenses, I actually don’t mind. I wanted to be sure that the baby will be brought out to this world safe and sound with complete physical and mental bearings. Anyway, I will visit the doctor again next Tuesday. She will again check my condition because I am also suffering from pains at the part where my womb is located. We are having a close monitoring.

I am 6 weeks pregnant. According to, my baby has developed the following:
* The embryo has reached a size of about 8 mm (1/4 inch) in length.
* The spinal cord, which until now has been open, is beginning to close.
* The first blood cells and blood vessels are developing.
* Blood moves through these primitive vessels connected to the yolk sac.
* A pipe-shaped heart is formed and begins to beat.
* The brain begins to divide into 5 parts.
* Optic pits form the start of the developing eye.
* The cells destined to be the arms and legs are in place.

I also checked their Gender Prediction Tool to determine my baby’s gender. It says I am having a baby boy! I am not sure since their gender tool was only for entertainment purposes but I am hoping to have a baby boy or twins! 😉

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