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This is my third post on cars. It really shows that I really have been surfing for a dream car lately. And it’s funny because I have been searching for it state by state in the US. It seems like I am visioning a future with my kids somewhere in the US. But of course, why not? Every day is a possibility of a greater life here or somewhere in this beautiful planet called earth.

The latest discovery is a new car San Diego. What I meant was this beautiful red 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 2WD Mega Cab 160.5″ SLT. I am not into cars or trucks but I have been reading about it but since I am a mommy, sometimes I get attracted on how it looks. This one is very pretty. I got attracted to it right away. Aside from riding it around, you can use it also for business purposes like delivering sacks of rice or bottled waters!! Pick-up trucks are a must if you have business in mind but sometimes its beauty would go to waste if you use it robustly in hard terrain and in carrying heavy loads.

I guess most of you have cars already. Well for me, it’s yet a dream.

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