Effective Study Guides For Up Coming Major Exams

Of all the school activities that our children are having, an upcoming major exam is one their most feared of. The result of their exams will reflect how far they were able to understand their teachers’ lessons. When we were still in our school age, we have numerous ways of study techniques or what we call critical thinking strategies. It doesn’t apply to everyone though as each and everyone has their own way of retaining the lessons.

One of the most effective ways of studying for an upcoming exam is to have a summary of the potential exam topics from the pointers given by the teachers weeks before the exam date. There are students who are visionary or those students who needs something to read to retain the lesson. Writing the summary enables the students to review the previous lessons and once they’re done with it, they can just simply read it again and again.

There are also students who find it effective to recite everything in their notes. These students shouldn’t study together with the visionary ones because they will end up disturbing each other. Reciting should also avoid the library because obviously they aren’t going to be allowed to do it.

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16 thoughts on “Effective Study Guides For Up Coming Major Exams

  1. when I was still studying, I try to make acronyms the keywords/answers so that it will be easy for me to memorize it.. 🙂

  2. The best way to do when preparing for an exam is study hard and pray more.

  3. sa HS pa seryoso kayo mg study ky hadlok mabunalan sa parenthood kng dli kapasar sa exam pero nag college sus mg inom the day before and exam pra hapsay kuno ang huna2 the next day lol..i will not recommend it to my kids though lol

  4. “Last Minute Review” — That’s what I used to do 🙂
    My midterm exam just passed and I believe that technique applies to me 🙂
    I don’t know but I just believe on my schemata – Stock knowledge- I hate memorization 🙂

  5. When I was a student, I really have to be in a quiet place to review for my exams. I get distracted really easily that’s why I lock myself up with my notes, and just my notes. Even food distract me. LOL. And yes, I read out loud, too. I think it’s very effective. What was the easiest subject to prepare for when you were a student? 🙂

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