Finally, Fairy Hobmother Visited My Blog!!!

When I heard about Fairy Hobmother late June of this year, I have been stalking him. They say if he visits your blog, you get to receive a gift. Since July was coming up that time, I thought stalking him might be a good thing to do if I want to receive a gift for my birthday. So, I stalked him there and everywhere but to no avail until finally, this wonderful month of August, even my birthday has ended, Fairy Hobmother have finally landed on my blog!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen! He visited me and granted me a gift!!

Well, I would have wanted any one of the top 5 washing machines that he was showing me but our country’s custom taxes are higher here even if the gift came from a fairy (and I think way higher because some of them don’t believe in fairies!). So I decided to settle on a different form of a gift and it was equally satisfying to have a fairy visit and give you a gift. Yay!

So, have you been visited by Fairy Hobmother? Want to receive a gift from him? Comment below so he would be able to visit your blog and don’t forget to follow him at his twitter account (yes, fairies do tweet nowadays).

57 thoughts on “Finally, Fairy Hobmother Visited My Blog!!!

  1. hmmmm just thinking out loud, if the Fairy Hobmother could also visit my blog? kasi I do have one and maybe he can bring forth his fairy dust to give its life back into blogging:D

  2. I would love a visit from fairies and non-fairies.. πŸ™‚ Hoping to gain more followers through your blog as well. Good morning from Cebu

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