Finally. It’s Finished!!

After almost 24 hours of non-stop work, I finally finished the layout of my blog. Actually, I have been personalizing my other blogs layout lately by using digital scrapping. So, I decided to make a major overhaul to this blog’s template since many of my valued readers are having problems on posting there comments. About 24 hours ago, I started working on my biggest digital scrap project ever!
Since the work is done. It is time to give credit to the creator of all digital paper and embellishment of this blog and the codes I used for this template! But first, I would like to thank GOD. If it weren’t for HIM. My existence would be useless. Now, I would like to thank Peachy Keen Designs for this Cherry Blossoms Kit which I got totally for free!! Yup, very free. If you want to have a download for yourself, please visit here blog. Now, for the xtml codes that I used here. It’s not actually a new one but I edited the Wildflower’s Template which I also got free from Free Blogger Skins. So, if it weren’t for this blogs giving out freebies, I wouldn’t be able to create my blog’s new look. Of course, I also thank the creators of PhotoShop CS2. This is the software I used to digitally manipulate the elements of the Cherry Blossoms Kit to create the headers, buttons, backgrounds, and my new EntreCard Online Business Card. And also, Ms. Nelle, the generous gal who created my logo! Why generous? Because it was also made for free! Isn’t life awesome?Gesh…I really felt accomplished today. Even though my back hurts, as of now, I am happy with the outcome of things done through hard work. I know it’s not that pretty to other beholder but I did my best. But no matter, I loved how it looked and I hope you do too. I hope you can leave your comments and tell me what you think. Thanks in advance.

By the way, this new look is dedicated to all my readers and friends. Please enjoy and God bless!!

I would like to thank the following for the great contribution they have given to me and to this blog: GOD – what will I do without Him; MY FAMILY – my inspiration; MY FRIENDS ONLINE & OFFLINE – they never get tired to share their life and read my blog; NELLE – for my logo and other crazy things; LALAINE – who shared blogging to me; JANET, JULIANA & LIZA – for always visiting and commenting on my blog(s); PEACHY KEEN DESIGNS – for the digital elements that I used to customize this blog’s template using PhotoShop CS2; BLOGGER – who powers this blog; FREE BLOGGER SKINS – for the initial xtml codes for this template; PHOTOBUCKET – for hosting my images for free; and to all MY VISITORS who never fails to read my posts, like YOU!! Again, maraming salamat po and God bless you all!!
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