First Day as a Fourth Grader *

Later this afternoon will be my daughter’s first day at school as a fourth grader. It is the same school she used to attend when she was grade one and two but she spent being a third grader at my hometown in Cagayan de Oro City.

Though she is already a fourth grader, I will go with her later. I need to know who her teacher (complete name) is. I also need to check her classroom and make sure she is seated near the ceiling fans so that she will be well ventilated. I don’t want to see her sweating because it might cause her to have an asthma attack.

Aside from that, I want to make sure my daughter have settled comfortably with her new teacher and classmates. I know deep inside that she feared the teachers of her school because based on her experiences; all the teachers she was under were strict. Why wouldn’t they be? They are also pressured by the school to teach in accordance to their standard to maintain the quality of education being imparted to their students for many years. So, I recognize why they are strict and I also understand my daughter’s situation. So, I will do my best as a mom to make all things work together for my daughter and her teacher! Ajah!

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  • E.nopi


    I think this post is very insightful.

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  • Sweet_shelo

    Good Luck with your darling’s first day of school. I am also excited for my little bebay’s first day of school. Their first school day is not until June 17. I am so excited too.

  • Mommy J

    Wow…4th grade na pala ang dalagita mo!

    Congrats sa PR….nabuhay! Yay!

    Naku yung aking ‘hair did’ eh kala ko hindi na lalambot. Kahit ata bagsakan ng eroplano yun eh di magugulo. I can still remember those days na hindi ako makalabas ng hindi naka spray net ang aking crowning glory. I’m glad that’s over kasi it took a lot of time just fixing my hair.

    Anyway, goodluck sa iyong little big girl. Ang little boy mo ba nag schooling na din?

    Mommy J

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