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Five Little-Known Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

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image01The first wave of electronic cigarettes was released in 2000 but it was only in 2007 that these revolutionary devices were introduced to the U.S. market. According to manufacturers, electronic cigarettes offer an interesting alternative to one of the most trivial of human habits. Personal vaporizers work a lot like regular cigarettes, they are similar in terms of appearance, but they are fundamentally different. Instead of delivering the doze of nicotine through combustion, electronic cigarettes use an atomizer to transform liquids into fumes. Satisfied customers say that switching to electronic cigarettes was the most inspired decision that they ever made, but this depends from person to person. Let’s take a look at five little known facts about e-cigarettes.

1. Marketers and Sellers

At first, these devices could be sold internationally without any constrains. Most electronic cigarettes can be purchased online at decent prices. Nevertheless, FDA placed certain regulations, and they are now not that easy to advertise on the online and offline market. As a matter of fact the FDA seized certain shipments of e-cigs which were considered illegal drugs. At present, manufacturers are free to market their products on personal websites.

2. They are not Child Friendly

Although there has not been any conclusive research regarding the safety of these products, electronic cigarettes are age restricted. Due to the doze of nicotine that certain e-liquids contain, these nifty little devices are not children friendly. Furthermore, because they come in so many tasty flavors, like chocolate or bubble gum, manufacturers have been forced to add an age limit restriction in order to protect the little ones. In the U.S. law requires that consumers provide proof of their age before purchasing any item. If you are interested in great flavors you can find a wide assortment of goodies on .

3. They’re Significant Investments

It is true that regular models are affordable, and on the long run they might be a lot cheaper than traditional ones, but if you really want to get the most out of your vaping experience you might want to invest a little extra money. The typical kit may cost somewhere between 60 and 150 dollars, but most serious vapers choose to enhance their devices with various pieces.

4. They Require Maintenance

For those who wish to enjoy their electronic cigarettes to the fullest, maintenance is a must. These little tools get dirty easily, due to the residues which accumulate after smoking. Certain users have complained that they have to replace their batteries too quickly, or that the quality of the vapors becomes questionable after a few uses. This happens because the atomizer gets clogged with excess substances and it requires cleaning. You should clean your components at least once a week for the best results.

5. You Can Use them in Certain Public Places

When they first appeared, electronic cigarettes could be smoked anywhere and anytime. Nevertheless, regulation for these devices is still evolving, and it is only recently that the FDA has decided that they are not suitable for public places. This was not decided because they were considered harmful for bystanders, but rather because they mimic the act of smoking and it might generate dissatisfaction among non-smokers.

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