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Five Practical Tips to Prevent Your Child from Heat-Related Illness this Summer


Summer is here! You don’t have to know the dates or the months we are now in, but you can actually feel it. The average heat index plays around 35 to 45 degrees centigrade depending on the city. Here in my place, the forecasted heat index today is around 37 degrees centigrade. So just imagine the discomfort us adults are experiencing, how much more our kids?

So to prevent the kids from experiencing discomfort or heat-related illness this summer, aside from eating healthy and taking supplements, here are some tips you can easily do:

1. Keep your children hydrated. Make sure they drink water all the time especially if they have a lot of activities this summer. They should cool off in between playing and drink water or juice.

2. Let your children wear light-colored clothes. Dark colored clothes tend to absorb heat. Let them use lesser clothes during summer.

3. Have your children play in shaded areas during the coolest time of the day. The time before 10 AM or after 4 PM is considered the coolest time of the day.

4. Stay in air-conditioned public areas. If the heat is intolerable or you don’t have an aircon at home, you can go to the malls or other public areas that are air-conditioned. This can definitely cool your children down including yourself.

5. Keep your children feeling fresh every day. Make sure they take a bath daily. For some, they take a bath twice a day to keep cool.

They say prevention is better than cure. So remember, there is no better way to keep our children from acquiring a heat-related illness this summer than prevention. Moms, Dads, and caretakers, keep your guards up!

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