For Filipinos with Diabetes and Caretakers: How has the discovery of insulin made an impact in your family’s life?


My father is diabetic. He discovered it early on in his life, due to an accident. Though it was an unfortunate event, the discovery led him to do some lifestyle changes. Although he currently doesn’t need insulin shots, he is mindful of his diet and he regularly exercises to prevent complications. It’s good that he learned about his condition early on because now, he is able to manage his condition. Most Diabetes patients discover their condition late, especially for Type 2 Diabetes, which doesn’t show symptoms in the beginning.

Through my father’s journey, we learned that diabetes is better treated with family support and proper education. Patients with Type 1 Diabetes, who rely heavily on insulin to manage their disease, are the ones who especially need a support system. They need help in administering timely insulin shots and need constant reminders of living a healthy lifestyle. We’re thankful that my father’s condition is currently very manageable, and we have educated ourselves on how to be better caregivers. We also know that we shouldn’t be afraid of insulin, for it is a drug that saves a lot of lives, and getting the right treatment at the right time should be a priority for those who need it.

Good thing insulin has been around for 100 years now. Some companies like Sanofi make administering insulin shots easy and even accessible. With their newly innovated second-generation insulins, they can now cater to more patients. They made this accessible to more people through partnerships with AC Health and Watsons and they’re working on getting more partners onboard.

With this pandemic, being a diabetic patient needs not only a family’s support but the community. Making medicine affordable and accessible via delivery is something that every diabetic person needs. So, living healthily is possible even with this pandemic. We only just need to be mindful of our lifestyle choices and if needed, timely insulinization.

Today, diabetes is the 4th leading cause of death in the Philippines. Though this disease can now be treated and managed, a lot of people are still suffering and dying from it. This is largely due to the lack of educational materials that are accessible to diabetes patients. Patients and family members should be aware of how to manage this disease and learn from doctors and credible sources. You can read more on diabetes management at or watch Sanofi’s webisode series for lifestyle diseases, Health Speak, at so you can learn more about diabetes.

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  • Donna Ria Mahayag

    Yes kalimitan po kasi sa mga Pilipino kaya late na nalalaman ang sakit kasi takot malaman ang kondisyon. Pero diabetis maraming symptoms katulad nung sa neighboor ko kaya pala lagi may sugat and matagal gumaling dun na nya nalaman na diabetic pala sya. malaking tulong ang insulin sa knya.

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