For the Person Who Has Everything: Weird, Wild and Wacky Gifts That Will Wow Anyone


Weird, Wild and Wacky Gifts

There are those who are difficult to please and even harder to buy gifts for. Alternatively, there are those who seem to have everything or the means to buy most wants on their own. How can you achieve that wow factor when it comes to those who have a lot? Here’s a list of wacky and wild gifts.

Drunken Elf Costume

Does the recipient have a sense of humor? If so, they may appreciate a drunken elf costume that almost defies vision. Looking straight away, it seems as if an elf is carrying a person on its shoulders. It’s funny and wacky, and sure to please at a costume party or amongst a wild crowd.

Christmas Tree Car Attachment

Some people love Christmas while others worship the holiday to the point where it seems logical to attach a tree to the top of their vehicle. If your friend loves Christmas, or if they love to draw attention to themselves, you need to get them this special ornament.

Vlad Putin Scratch Post

While it’s not kosher to discuss politics among friends, those with a humorous side will get a kick out of this Vladimir Putin lookalike scratch post. Whether the recipient’s cat is Democrat, Republican, or undecided, the cat too will appreciate this quirky gift.

Toilet Golf Game

Imagine your friend sitting on the toilet with nothing to do. Allow them to improve their golf game while moving their bowels. The mini golf set includes a mini putter, ball, and hole replete with a flag that they can raise before they flush.

Mini Flame Thrower

Who doesn’t need more fire in their life? If your friend doubles as a pyromaniac or just entertaining the idea of shooting fire from their hands, they will love this. The device wraps around one’s wrist and incinerates small pieces of paper to achieve the flame effect.

Board Games

Board games are not antiques or throwback items used for show. Board games can deliver hours of entertainment for those who appreciate the simplicity of using physical game pieces and being surrounded by friends. Find available tabletop games online.

Wine Life Preserver

If your friend has spent time on a boat, they will totally understand why you would give a person a life jacket for wine bottles. This is one of those gifts that is mostly humorous yet can be shockingly practical in a pinch.

Fortune Teller Tumbler

Some people look for answers at the bottom of their drinking glass, and this vessel actually provides a range of them. Using the classic 8 ball schtick, the tumbler rotates a drinker’s fortune that is visible by the time they get to the bottom of the glass.

Portable Breathalyzer

Do you have friends that can enjoy a few libations? If so, they can challenge one another as to who blows a higher BAC score. While it’s suggested to drink responsibly and never drive after consuming alcohol, consenting adults can have a hoot with this portable breathalyzer test.

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  • Helen

    Yaas. I admit, even at this age (30+) I still enjoy this kind of stuff. I am always fascinated with this kind of things, I think they are fun. Hola, to the people who have great minds behind this. I appreciate you did a post for this. It made my day 🙂

  • Melissa Ritter

    The wine life preserver is hysterical. I wish I had someone to buy it for. I couldn’t help but think of the old Goldie Hawn movie Overboard!

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